Vardiola Wedding Venue


A great location on the sea with endless blue backdrop. The area has a lawn, a wooden platform that rises above the sea for the couple, a comfortable reception and Zante wedding ceremony space. Large parking space and of course delicious cuisine with many options and suggestions on the menu.  A beautiful wedding space where tradition meets the magic in Zakynthos(Zante). Great people with impeccable professional service are just some of the elements that characterize the Vardiola Zante wedding venue.  Also beyond the lawn next to the sea , there is another space on  the upper side with a rain cover so we can be sure that nothing will ruin  the most beautiful moment for you and for your guests.

  • Sea view
  • Wooden Deck for the couple above the sea
  • Beautiful garden with flowers and lawn
  • Free Space Parking
  • Free Wi – Fi
  • Traditional Cuisine

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