Zante Island

Weddings in Zakynthos Island


Zakynthos (or also named Fioro di Levante) is the most famous island of the 7 Ionian Island complex that are located at the beautiful Ionian Sea. It is the second largest island in population, located in the Southwest Greece. You can reach Zakynthos by plane or by ferry from the port of Kyllini.

It is said that Zakynthos is named after the first colonist of the island, ‘Zakynthos’. Known for its turquoise glowing waters and for the sandy clean beaches , Zakynthos is an island with a great historical, cultural and Greek Traditional Hospitality heritage. Zakynthos is the best destination for your special day as it may offer the experience of a lifetime combining settings of crystal blue waters and vivid natural beauty in the countryside .Olive groves, vineyards, beautiful mountain and sea restaurants and villas can satisfy the most demanding desires, for your wedding ceremony or your and your guests’ stay in the island.

Zakynthos world-trademark is the famous Shipwreck Beach, the iconic image of a rusted shipwreck washed up on the white sands of the turquoise Navagio Beach and the limestone cliff standing right behind this scenery, justifies the popularity of this beach. The magical Blue Caves, with the white-colored rocky landscape together with the crystal clear blue waters, create a beautiful contrast that leaves you speechless. The National Marine Park of Zakynthos, located in the Laganas bay , aims to protect the famous Caretta Caretta sea turtle , that you can meet between Spring and Summer time. Millions of options and suggestions are offered in Zante island that you can fall in love with the very first sight. ‘Fiore di Levante’ can be your honey moon or your paradise Zakynthos (Zante) wedding destination, explore Zakynthos by car or by renting your own boat and experience the ultimate secluded coastline.