Zante Weddings

Civil Wedding

Zakynthos is the best destination for your special day as it may offer the experience of a lifetime combining settings of crystal blue waters and vivid natural beauty in the countryside.Olive groves, vineyards, beautiful mountain and sea restaurants and villas can satisfy the most demanding needs for your wedding ceremony or your and your guests’ stay in the island. The civil type of wedding can take place in the town hall, however if you’re imagining your special day having a more bohemian or idyllic style, you can get married in: a Mediterranean Villa with a breathtaking view, a high-end luxury hotel resort, or even in a small private island with a sandy coastline ,an ideal choice for the couples that seek out a fairytale environment. The civil wedding can take place everywhere you would desire, as long as we have the required documents for the ceremony, we can organize your unique and tailor-made wedding day.

Orthodox Wedding

The Orthodox Wedding is one of the most frequently chosen type of wedding for the Greek Orthodoxs and depending on the region in Greece, it can have different customs and traditions. The Orthodox wedding is divided in two sections: the first section is the engagement of the couple and the second is the Orthodox Ceremony performed by the priest. In the Orthodox wedding, the couple must select a Koumbaros(best man) and/or a Koumbara (the female), who act as the official ‘sponsors’ of the marriage by placing the crowns (stephana) and putting the wedding rings on the couple’s hand. Many Orthodox weddings are taking place in central churches or in more picturesque ones near the beach, that are ideal especially in the summer period. That being said , there are some dates when marriages are not permitted to be performed. These are the following : 1st-15th of August, Holy Week/Greek Easter, 40 days before Easter, the 50th day after the Easter and from the 18th-25th of December. In the rest dates, our creative team can organize every aspect of your wedding day, including the ceremony and the wedding reception, always with your personal guidelines. In the Orthodox Wedding, you must know that are required more documents than the civil one, as well as that the church ceremony lasts longer than the other ones.

Catholic Wedding

Greece is considered a top destination for every type of wedding. The Catholic Wedding  has a significant style, since the Catholic Churches demonstrate a beautiful baroque architecture with magnificent Christian icons. In Zakynthos, you can get married in the Catholic Church of Saint Marco, located in the center of the town. The liturgy is performed in the English language only , and during the ceremony the bishop reads the holy words of the Bible. Likewise the other type of weddings, there are some documents that are necessary to have.

Symbolic Wedding

The Symbolic Wedding is the perfect choice for couples that don’t want to engage in all the legal paperwork. The Symbolic Wedding is similar to the Civil Wedding, in the means of style and flexibility of choosing your ideal venue. A symbolic wedding ceremony gives you the opportunity to exchange unique and tailor-made vows, as well as choosing everyone you like for this , from a friend to a relative. Symbolic Weddings are suited for people with time-limitations that would like to personalize the whole ceremony in their special desires and get married in the most unusual location. If you can imagine it, we can organize it for you!